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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hungry Days

Without fail, I have a couple of days every month that I am a bottomless pit. Everything I eat makes me even hungrier than I was before. I drink countless cups of tea but all that does is make me have to pee approximately every 3 minutes but does nothing for the hunger.

I become consumed with the thoughts of food. My mind starts doing sneaky things. If I just eat that giant bag of chips that everything thing will be alright. It's ok to have this cheat one will nobody it. I find myself to start having urges like a serial cheater.

The only thing that works is to remind myself that this happens every month. I just need to get through a couple of days and everything will simmer down. I find myself going to bed earlier than usual because if I stay up I know that I will find something to eat that was not in my plan.

I wish that these hungry days would go away but I know like clock work they are going to show up every month. I need to do some research to see how I can prepare for these days. I need a food plan when my hungry days show up.

How do you guys handle your hungry days? Do you guys have specific foods you eat to combat the hunger?