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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mental Note....

Do not drink more cosmopolitans that you would care to admit. Especially on a hungry day! This causes you to binge eat with the excuse that you are trying to soak up the alcohol. This was another trick of your hungry day monster to binge eat when you know you should not. Please note....counting the points tomorrow is not going to be pretty. Hope you like earning activity points this weekend to make up for them.

Hungry Days

Without fail, I have a couple of days every month that I am a bottomless pit. Everything I eat makes me even hungrier than I was before. I drink countless cups of tea but all that does is make me have to pee approximately every 3 minutes but does nothing for the hunger.

I become consumed with the thoughts of food. My mind starts doing sneaky things. If I just eat that giant bag of chips that everything thing will be alright. It's ok to have this cheat one will nobody it. I find myself to start having urges like a serial cheater.

The only thing that works is to remind myself that this happens every month. I just need to get through a couple of days and everything will simmer down. I find myself going to bed earlier than usual because if I stay up I know that I will find something to eat that was not in my plan.

I wish that these hungry days would go away but I know like clock work they are going to show up every month. I need to do some research to see how I can prepare for these days. I need a food plan when my hungry days show up.

How do you guys handle your hungry days? Do you guys have specific foods you eat to combat the hunger?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Food Choices

I feel like I need to start making better food choices. Not necessarily try to eat healthier but to choose items that will keep me fuller for longer. I feel like recently I have been choosing things that keep me full for less than an hour and then I want to gnaw my arm off while waiting for the next time to eat.

When I was successful last time I was pretty creative with the food I would make. I found them to be delicious and would keep me satisfied until the next time I would eat. It definitely helped that I would eat every two hours. I was never giving myself that long until it was time to eat again.

I find myself struggling with the point plus plan on Weight Watchers. I know that I get more points with this plan but I feel like they go so much faster. It is probably because I like such a carb heavy diet. This plan definitely guides you away from these items.

I worry about when my points really start going down and I can't have my super big carb meals. I also tend to hoard my points for the end of the day. I am hungry all day and then came home and ate a whole package of macaroni and cheese (yes the whole box of Kraft). So technically I am staying on plan and staying within my points but this is just not working.

I need to plan my week out better and get back to the eating every two hours. I think even if I have to eat separately from the family for awhile to get myself back in balance. I would like to share my dinner with the family but I know I need to eat 6-8 mini meals a day instead of just grazing/snacking. That was when I did my best when I ate the mini meals. I felt more satisfied and it almost felt like cheating but the weight would just come off from me.

I am so glad that I typed this out and subjected you to my rambling. I think by putting it in black and white I have analyzed what my problem is. This Saturday when I go shopping I am going to focus on the mini meals for myself.

Thanks for listening to me!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monday Weight Watcher's Series - Week 8

I weighed in today and lost -1.7 lbs. which brings my weight down to 315.2 lbs. I am only .2 lbs. away from my original starting weight when I started last time and .7 lbs. away from reaching my 10%

I am really excited about this loss because I had been on vacation this past week. I managed to eat out often and have treats and still show a loss.

One thing that really helped is this past week I increased my activity level. I earned 16 points which is really great for me. This is really encouraging for me on my Disney Trip! I still think I will see a gain for that week but my goal is to get back on track the day I come home from the trip.

So many times the trip derails me and I continue on the bad eating for another month or six. My plan is to eat what I want but to track everything I eat. I am hoping that this will do two things. It will make it easier for me to get back on track when I get back because I will already be tracking. Also, I am hoping it will guide me to make better choices or hold back at times since I will need to be accountable to see how many points I am eating.

The good news is in Disney I will be getting tons of activity. I really look forward to seeing how many activity points I earn each day.

I plan on making the next 3 weeks before the trip to count. I would definitely love to reach my 10% and even get under 310 if possible.

I still need to work on my water intake so I will try again this week.

See you guys next week with my next weigh in!