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Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Happened to My Life???

When I was growing up I knew that I was going to have a fabulous husband. We would live in an awesome house with at least 2 kids, maybe 3. I was going to have a very important career and I was going to wear skirts all the time. We would travel and have large family and friend gatherings. I would always dress great and maybe we would have an apartment in NYC. I was going to eat out for every meal except for the nights I was whipping up gourmet meals effortlessly. I was going to be amazing looking, I would look fantastic in anything I wore. My social calendar would be hopping with invites constantly. I would be happy.

What happened to my life? I am alone and about to get divorced from a husband that never actually loved me. I do have two wonderful boys but constantly feel guilty that I am not doing enough for them. I have a great condo that I am renting but wouldn't be able to so if my Mom didn't subsidize my rent. I never wear skirts and never look good in what I wear. I travel but not nearly enough and my social calendar is pretty empty. I only eat out with a coupon and my cooking skills are a joke. Where is the life I just knew was going to happen.

I heard this topic on the Bob & Sheri Show and it definitely got me thinking. I can see the forks in the road that got me here. Ultimately, I am satisfied with the life I have though I certainly could stand some tweaking. What do you guys think? Are you surprised where you are in life or are you exactly where you thought you would be?