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Thursday, August 15, 2013

True Fact: Nail Polish Makes You Feel Better

I was still feeling pretty anxious today due to my argument from yesterday. I was definitely feeling better by the end but painting my nails cemented my better feelings. There really is something to having your nails look nice.

I have discovered a new nail polish (ok maybe it isn't new but new to me) called Sinful Colors. They have really awesome colors and they are such an affordable price. They are around $1.99 at most stores and I have also seen them at my local Dollar Tree for a $1 (obviously). The color I used tonight was Apple Mint.

I stole this picture from the Web (so thank you to whoever this picture belongs to). I would say the color you see here is fairly accurate. I put on two coats and I would say my nails are about a shade darker then what is in the picture. I love it the way my nails look right now.

Plan wise it has been another good day. Still not good with the water again. Every day I start with such great intentions but so far it hasn't panned out. All I can say is tomorrow is a new day.

See you tomorrow where hopefully I can report a great water accomplishment!