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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trail Weary Hikers

That would be us today. We attempted our first ever family hike. We hiked on the Stroudwater Trail and had a really great time. Ok...actually the 4-year old and I had a great time. The teenager not so much. He did ok at the beginning by the end I was getting death glares and asked him to go ahead of us so I didn't have to see his grumpy face any longer. I have a few pictures to show our hike.

Beginning of the trail. We were super excited to see the sign.
The official start of our hike.
Sword Fight
Riley quickly surrendered
See the fear in his face?
Gabrian meant business!
One of my 5,000 pictures of berries. Gabrian requested that I took a picture of every single one that we passed.
Awesome bridge that we crossed over
I love a good back shot
Occasionally we saw houses on the trail. It would be pretty awesome to live next to such a pretty forest. I thought it was really cool that someone stored their Kayaks next to the trail. I wonder if they would have minded if I had borrowed them?
This flower smelled so good! The bees thought so too.
The steep steps that greeted us at the end of the trail.
The end of the trail. You can see the lack of enthusiasm when they realized that we had to turn around and to the same hike all the way back. I think they thought the car was going to be magically be waiting for us.
Bench Break
It was a great fun and free activity for us today. We walked for just over an hour. So far the last time I checked my activity link I have earned 4 points. I think by the end of the night I should have another one.
Food wise I have done great. This week seems to be going really great for me. I just need to make it through one more day. Tomorrow is weigh in day so I am anxious for the results. See you tomorrow for Weight Watcher's Monday!