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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Grill Guy Scares Me

Today is going pretty darn good if I say so myself. I started off with an egg sandwich from my work's cafeteria. The grill guy really scares me. He never smiles and genuinely seems annoyed when you order anything. I think I made him really mad when he went to put 2 pieces of cheese on my sandwich and I requested to go down to 1. I caught him mid cheese but I broke the rule of not doing any extra talking beyond the actual ordering. I think I won't go again until Monday so someone else can make him mad and he will forget about me.

I had leftover pork chops and roasted potatoes for lunch followed by popcorn at lunch. Dinner I wasn't up to making my recipe so I scrounged around for the boys dinners and had a hamburger for me. I had a snack of English muffin pizza. I will finish off with a peanut butter sandwich for dessert.

I am sadly lacking in the exercise department. It was rainy in the morning but honestly it had ended by the afternoon and could have done something. My wonderful co-worker gave me an exercise ball that she had never opened and 2 exercise videos. I think after this post I will blow up the ball and try it out.

Gabrian had his second day of tumbling class. He loves it so much!! The only issue is I need to come up with $100 by September. That will cover September - December which is awesome but with the Disney trip looming I don't have a lot of extra cash. I will just have to squeeze it out of somewhere.

See you tomorrow where I plan to be on track for another on plan day!