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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Qdoba - South Portland, Maine (Maine Mall)

Gabrian and I were busy running errands today and stopped home to drop off some groceries. I picked up the mail and there was a flyer announcing that Qdoba was now open and they were offering a BOGO for their entrée's. This was perfect because we were just starting to feel the growl of hunger announcing itself.

After circling the mall parking lot for 5,647 times, we finally found a spot about 2 miles away. We walked up to the Food Court entrance and saw that Qdoba had their own entrance. They had signs up advising of their loyalty club where you can earn free food from them. I remembered I had signed up for this when I lived in South Dakota and was a loyal fan of theirs. I dug around my purse and found the card. With card and coupon in hand, we headed in for our lunch.

When you walk in they have a board listing all they have to offer. You can see them grilling the meat in the back of the restaurant and in front of you is a salad bar of everything they have to offer for you to put on you order. All the toppings are included with the exception of the guacamole which has an upcharge.

I spoke with the person behind the counter and he allowed me to choose a kids meal instead of a second adult entrée. I placed our order and we had a great time choosing our toppings. We made our way down to the cashier where I chose the remaining items of Gabrian's kids meal and my drink. I handed her my card and coupon and she gave me a grand total of $1.92. I thought I heard her wrong at first. But no, I had a total score. Apparently, I had a free meal waiting for me on the card. It had been so long since I had last used it, I had completely forgotten about my free meal. We took our food and my cup and headed to the soda machine.

Can I just tell you how much I love these soda machines. They have so many soda choices and tons of great mix-ins to put in the soda. I am a sucker for a touch screen and just makes the soda more enjoyable when I make my soda so futuristic like. I went with the small soda ($1.79) that included unlimited free refills.

They had lots of great seating options. There were booths, tables, tall tables, counter tops, and outside seating. Since I was with Gabrian, the booth was the route we went. We got settled in and tucked into our food.

Gabrian ordered the Kids Chicken Nachos ($4.19). It starts with a base of tortilla chips, then they put a nacho cheese sauce on top, followed by grilled chicken and black beans. Then Gabrian had a great time choosing all his toppings. He went with cheese, sour cream, corn salsa, and lettuce. He picked apple sauce as his side (his other option would have been a side of tortilla chips). For his drink he went with a milk. He also could have picked a juice box or a fountain drink.

This was such a large portion. I think I could have had this for my lunch and be completely satisfied. He finished about 1/2 of it. Of course he filled up with his applesauce before he even started the nachos.

This is what he thought when I suggested he try some of the nachos.

I was very pleased with this meal and I may get the same thing as him next time!

I chose the Naked Steak Burrito ($7.29). This is a great Weight Watcher Friendly option (although I get a lot of points at this time so it may not seem like such a great bargain for someone else). It was a base of white cilantro rice, followed by grilled steak and black beans. For my toppings I chose corn salsa, hot salsa, sour cream, and lettuce.

This was heaven in a bowl. The steak was very nicely marinated and the salsa was as delicious as I remembered. It was extremely filling and kept me going for the rest of our errand running today.

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures on the wall. I would like to spend more time on our next visit really checking them out. While we were eating we had a visitor to our table.

That's right, even celebrities eat at Qdoba in South Portland, Maine. I think he was trying to steal our hot sauce.

Gabrian and I really enjoyed our lunch today. If you want to give them a try yourself, you can find them at 364 Maine Mall Road, South Portland, Maine.