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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Olive Cafe Restaurant Review - Portland, Maine

Our friends Myranda and Owen joined Gabrian and I for dinner tonight at Olive Café. I have had this Groupon for quite some time and I was anxious to use it. Because it is downtown I am often reluctant to make my way down there. Today was the day and I was ready to use my $15 voucher to get $30 worth of food.

We walked into a surprisingly empty restaurant. I guess that shows how lame I am that I thought the it would be full at 5:30 at night. Clearly the cool people eat much later at night.

We were placed at the perfect booth for us. It was the end one, which made it almost impossible for the toddlers to bother the other patrons.

The server greeted us promptly and brought out our drinks quickly. I liked that she clearly was a huge fan of the restaurant herself. She let us know that she had been here for 3 years and thought everything on the menu was great. She really gave off the vibe that she meant it (spoiler alert: she was right!).

Mediterranean Plate ($9.99) with Chicken Kebob ($4.00)
Myranda and I went with the same dish. Even down to the same Chicken Kebob. I wasn't going to get the chicken, but when Myranda ordered it I knew that I would have pangs of jealousy watching her eat it. Everything was great but my absolute favorite was the roasted cauliflower. It was tender with a wonderful salty flavor. The hummus had that great coating of olive oil and the falafel had flavor bursting in every bite. I would highly recommend this dish.
Chicken Shwarma ($8.95)
The boys shared this plate. This picture is only showing half of the plate after we divided it up for the boys. I am not going to lie. I ate all of Gabrian's pita chips. They were wonderfully seasoned and clearly fried very recently. If I could have gotten away with it, I would have swiped Owen's chips as well. The chicken was the same as my kebob and Gabrian loved it. While he ate it separately, he also loved the pita wrap it was served on.

Overall, I think this is a great choice for a restaurant downtown. Not only was it super delicious but it was very affordable. We will definitely be back there even without a groupon deal. The best part are there are tons of fantastic ice cream options within walking distance to the restaurant.

If you would like to try Olive Café for yourself, they are located at 127 Commercial Street, Portland, Maine.