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Monday, August 12, 2013

Munchy Monster

I need to start off this post by stating I am not hungry. I just want to eat. I am on what feels like my 15th cup of tea convincing myself that I do not need to eat. I hate times like this. I feel that Monday nights are the hardest because I have the whole week in front of me and I try to convince myself that I have the whole week to make it up.

Mental note are never going to get good results if you have to start playing catch up every Tuesday. Why do I do this to myself every week.

No worries...I know I can make it through tonight. It is nice to have a place to vent and get my head back on straight. Sometimes just writing out the words makes it seem better.

Food wise I did well today. I stayed on plan and I will be able to finish out the week staying within my point range (daily, weekly, and activity). I wish I could take more of an interest in exercise. I guess I am just going to have to let that one go for awhile. I need to concentrate on my eating issues. The exercise will hopefully follow afterwards.