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Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Weight Watcher's Series - Week 7

I am down -2.4 lbs. this week! I am so excited to see that number. My new weight is 316.9 and I have lost a total of -31.6 lbs. I am 2.4 lbs. away from my 10% goal!! I feel so happy to be truly back on track.

This week will be a great test for me. I am on vacation this week and definitely have quite a few treats planned. I need to make sure I stay tracking and stay within my point range. I have my Disney trip looming in front of me, I worry that this trip will derail me. Right now my plan is to track everything. It is ok if during the time I am away that I don't stay in my point range but I must track everything. I will have my activity link so I will be curious to see how many points I earn and how many points I go over for the week.

My hope is that if I stay tracking the whole time I won't get too far out of focus. That way Wednesday morning, when I wake up from coming back from the trip, I will get right back on plan. I cannot let this mess me up.

My goal again this week is to get in all my water. I am doing better than the week before but there is definitely room for improvement. I also want to get some form of activity in each day since I will have so much free time on my vacation week. Next week, Monday is a Holiday so I won't be able to weigh in until Tuesday.

See you next week with my results!!