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Friday, August 9, 2013

Little Tap House Restaurant Review - Portland, Maine

The Little Tap House is a restaurant I picture spending several hours in during a snowy winter day. It just gives off the cozy and comforting vibe. It is just a place you want to hang out with your friends trying one of their many beers on tap and sharing a couple of appetizers. We went on a muggy and rainy day in the Summer so not quite that same experience.

We were supposed to go to dinner in Freeport but we hit traffic on 295 and there was no way I was going to sit in that. I quickly ran through the coupons I had on me and remembered that I had a Living Social and decided tonight would be a good time for use it. The deal cost $15 for $30 worth of food. I had a deal when I bought it that gave me another $10 off so I was able to scoop it up for only $5.

Parking was a pain in my rear end. I knew it would be but I was cursing under my breath as I tried to find something somewhat close by. It was raining the whole evening and who wants to start a nice dinner off damp and cranky. I finally found something only a couple of blocks away and we scooped it up. I got lucky and it was after 6 so we didn't have to feed the meter.

We walked quickly to the restaurant and we were so happy to see this!

I would love to live in this neighborhood. Though it is probably better that I don't because I may have to stop in here every night.

When we arrived we were greeted right away by the host. I just want to mention that I thought that the staff here was amazing. There was not one person there that did not seem happy to be there and happy that you were there as a customer. I was constantly greeted by a smile wherever I looked. The hostess mentioned that it would be a 25 minute wait. Gabrian and I went to the bathroom and when we came out I think we waited at most 5 minutes before a table was ready. One tiny complaint is that there is no space to wait so we felt like we were either standing in the middle of the restaurant or blocking the door. If I hadn't had the kids with me, I may have waited at the bar. Not a huge deal and it was such a small wait anyway.

When we were brought to the table I immediately started to look at the menus. In particular I needed a drink stat!

I went with the Strawberry Lemonade. I saw about 5 different beers I would have like to try but it just felt like a cocktail type of night.

It was delicious and there was lot of it. I didn't taste any of the basil that was mentioned. I think that would probably have elevated the drink but overall it was still good.

The boys had water. I really liked that it was brought to the table in this bottle. With two boys that drink like they live in a desert, it is nice to not have to constantly catch the waitresses eye. Next up the waitress brought to the table some house made pickled vegetables.

It was a mixture of cucumbers, carrots, and cabbage. Riley and I both found it to be a very strong vinegar taste. This made Riley sad because he loves pickles. Gabrian had no issues and went to town on that little pot.

When we finished the vegetables, the waitress brought out the biscuits. Also know as little squares of heaven.

I know that this picture doesn't do it justice. Funny story, for quite a while I thought all these tables around me were getting cheesecake. I kept thinking that they must have the best cheesecake since everyone was getting it. It finally dawned on me that those were the biscuits being brought to the table. Any who the biscuits were amazeballs. The butter was even better. We tasted honey and orange in it and it was served at the perfect soft temperature. If I could have gotten away with it I would have licked the butter bowl. Riley spent the rest of the meal talking about those biscuits.

For dinner we all had the Tap House Burger. Gabrian and I shared one along with a blue wedge salad. Riley had the same thing but also had cheese on his.

The burgers were good just served a little underdone for our taste. We both like med-well but it was definitely served more on the medium side. At home we eat our burgers done well with no pink so this was a bit much for us. It wasn't a huge deal and I am sure if we had sent them back it could have been taken care of for us. We just chose to soldier on. I really like the Challah bun it was served on. It definitely gave me an idea for our home burgers. The fries were perfect. They had a huge amount of salt on them. Perfect for me but something to consider if you are watching your salt intake or just don't like salt.

Gabrian and I really enjoyed the salad. Lots of bacon and plenty of dressing. Nothing worse when a wedge salad is skimpy on the dressing.

Can you see his blue cheese dressing mustache?

We decided to get dessert and the waitress brought out the menu for us to peruse. They had many interesting options and we were sad to hear that they were out of 2 of them. It was still pretty early in the evening so I am not sure why they would already be out of them.

We decided to get two of them to share. While we were waiting for the desserts, the boys did arm wrestling to decide who was going to pay for dinner.

Even though I wasn't playing, somehow I lost and had to pay for dinner. Not sure how that happened!

This was the Elvis Impersonator. It had fried bananas, peanut butter cookie, vanilla ice cream, and drizzled honey. This was hands down our favorite. We fought over the bananas and loved the ice cream The cookie was a little on the dry side but we forgave it since it was sitting next to those divine bananas.

We also got the Local Pie. Not a winner for us. It was strawberry and peach pie with honeyed mascarpone. I am not sure if the sweetness of the other dessert was effecting this one or just wasn't too great. My Mom makes a great crust and compared to this one the Local Pie just doesn't compete.

Overall we really enjoyed our experience at the Little Tap House and there will definitely be a repeat visit. I look forward to a snowy winter evening to take advantage of that draft menu along with some great appetizers.

If you want to try them out for yourself they are located at 106 High Street, Portland, ME.