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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Linda Bean's Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern Review - Freeport, Maine

Yesterday, we had an unexpected free afternoon and decided to head up to Freeport, Maine. I dug out my Portland Dine Around Book and decided we were going to head to the Nordic Theatre to use a BOGO coupon from the book to see the movie "Planes".

Going through the book I also found a coupon for Linda Bean's Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern that was a buy one meal get $5.00 off the second (this was for lunch, it would have been $10.00 at dinner time). We headed out early for the movie so we could have lunch before our show.

I like Freeport because they have plenty of free parking. In fact next to the movie theatre they have a new parking garage with plenty of spots available. We found a spot and headed to our lunch destination. It was the perfect weather outside yesterday. It was sunny but not too hot with great breezes.

When we arrived we were promptly greeted and taken to a table. The hostess was very accommodating when I asked if we could eat outside instead. She said it was no problem and brought us out to a great spot. We had a great location where we could people watch while waiting for our food.

I loved how every table had a little bottle of hand sanitizer to use. Gabrian thought it was great and promptly took a bath in it. He smelled really good and germs were afraid to come within 10 feet of him.

Our waitress came out very quickly and started us off with drinks. My only complaint is that I ordered a lemonade for Gabrian and it cost $2. It seemed so expensive for a kid's drink. Although, honestly I was more annoyed with Gabrian since he drank less than half of it. It wouldn't have seemed so bad it he had at least got my money's worth.

Once our drinks arrived we placed our food order and settled into wait. It was really fun watching all the action going on in the street. We saw lots of trucks, dogs, and police cars going by. It kept Gabrian entertained the whole time.

Kid's Hotdog Meal ($5)
The food came out in no time. I didn't taste any of the hot dog but Gabrian ate it in no time so I am going to assume that it was delicious. I tried one French fry and it was hot and crispy and nicely coated in sea salt. If I didn't have darn Weight Watchers holding me back I probably would have helped myself to several of them.
Broiled Haddock Melt Served with Chips and Coleslaw ($12)
I ordered the Broiled Haddock Melt. I also had the option to have it fried but I was trying to be semi-good and it seemed like broiled was the way to go. They had several cheese options and I went with the cheddar. Cheddar always seems to be the safe bet when in doubt.

The first thing I dug into was the potato chips. I tried two of them and decided to not waste any more points on them. They were hard and almost burnt tasting. I think they may have been over fried or it could just be the way they serve them. Either way they are not for me.

I then moved onto the sandwich. The bun was a pillowy pocket of heaven. It was so fresh and soft and one of the best pieces of bread I have had in a long time. You could definitely tell they were made that morning. The fish was seasoned nicely and had a wonderful delicate flavor. I even liked their tartar sauce. I saw capers in the sauce which was a nice touch.

Lastly, I moved onto the coleslaw. It was perfect made for me. It was a great balance of sweet and sour sitting in a pool of mayo sauce. I loved every tangy bite.

Free Piece of Chocolate from the Nearby Lindt Store ($0.00)
Overall I think this is a great restaurant and a perfect stop while you are getting your Shopping on. If you want to try them for yourself 88 Main Street, Freeport, Maine.