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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inicio Bistro and Bar Review - Ogunquit, Maine

Last night was magical for me. I can't remember a night I enjoyed more in a very long time. My Mom and I were going to a very special Musical last night and I feel like everything was perfect about the evening.

I had researched online to find a restaurant to eat at before the show. I was looking for something that was affordable and took reservations. I wasn't sure how crowded the restaurants would be in Ogunquit during the height of the tourist season. After much research, I found the perfect fit online for us. I found Inicio Bar & Bistro online and was even able to make a reservation right on their site.

The only snafu we came across was trying to find a parking space while still making our reservation on time. All the street spots had a 30 minute limit and none were available anyway. I had to drop my Mom off in front of the restaurant to get our table and I braved the traffic. Oh yeah, did I mention it was bumper to bumper traffic and very difficult to maneuver. I ended up driving about a 1/4 mile past the restaurant and parked in Hutchinson's Furniture Store parking lot. They charge $5 to park but honestly it was the best deal out there. The other lots I saw were charging $10+. I walked to Inicio Bar & Bistro and quickly met up with my Mom.

The staff was amazing here and I thought everyone I came into contact really went above and beyond to make sure we felt welcomed and were being take care of. I was brought to our table and my first order of business to pick out my cocktail of the night.

I had really wanted the Pisco Alejandra, but sadly they were out of Pisco. They promised me that if I came back another night, they would definitely have some in stock. I went with my second choice of the Pineapple Ginger Martini.

It was pure deliciousness and huge to boot. If I wasn't driving I would have seriously considered getting a second one.

My favorite part of the drink was the alcohol soaked pineapple piece on the bottom. It was a nice way to finish my drink of awesomeness.
My Mom started us off from the Tapa menu. She went with the house made Hummus and Pitas ($6).
That hummus was perfect. I had always like store bought hummus but this has completely changed my view on how hummus should taste. It was so fresh and the olive oil really rounded it off nicely.
My next selection was the hummus bruschetta ($7). It was very similar to the hummus and pitas but I could have eaten 12 of these and not had enough.

I had the Manchega Grilled Cheese ($8) as my main course. It was like a grown-up grilled cheese sandwich. It had Manchega and American Cheese. I loved every bite of it. I was able to fit in a couple of fries that were served with paprika mayonnaise. I was pretty full at that point but very delicious.

My Mom had the Locra Soup ($8) made with Fava Beans. She loved it so much that she didn't even offer me a bite.

My Mom finished off with the Falafel Salad ($9). I was able to try a Falafel and I was jealous that I didn't pick this (though I wouldn't have been willing to give up my sandwich either).

We already are talking about what we will get next time we go there. This is definitely a repeat restaurant for us.

If you would like to try Inicio Bar & Bistro for yourself, they are located at 237 Main St., Ogunquit, Maine.