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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Demolition Derby Saturday

Can I just tell you how awesome yesterday was! It was so great that Gabrian fell asleep in the car on the way home last night at 9 pm and slept until about 9:10 am this morning. He never sleeps that much. It has definitely started off my morning right because I was able to relax with a cup of coffee and the paper before he got up.

Yesterday started off with us going to the Art in the Park in South Portland. It was a neat festival that had Art for Sale and music with some food vendors sprinkled throughout. It was particularly exciting because I knew one of the artists.

That's right, Riley was selected to be presented in the Student's tent. It was so funny because we knew he was going to be in it but he had no idea what piece had been chosen. He is not what we would consider artistic so this was a pleasant surprise!

We enjoyed walking around the rest of the festival. We saw a couple of art pieces that we were really interested in. Since I have practically no money we enjoyed just looking. We were able to get some business cards so if I ever come into money I know who I can contact.

Later that afternoon Gabrian and I went to the Topsham Fair. I hate that Riley is too cool to go to things with me now. Hopefully I will get him back one day. Getting into the fair was a good deal. It cost $12 a person and it included all the rides. It also included all the entertainment which had my favorite...the Demolition Derby!! Here are a few shots of how we spent our afternoon.

We got to feed these guys. There lips are so soft when they are eating out of your hand. Gabrian thought it was so funny when they started to eat the ice cream the food was in.
Here we are on the tilt-a-whirl. I loved how Gabrian was laughing with excitement the entire ride. He loved whenever we did a complete spin.
Ferris Wheel picture. He was way braver than me. I don't love heights and wonder the whole ride why I thought it was a good idea to get on it.
Self-Portrait of me on the Ferris Wheel. See how well I hid my fear in the picture?
Gabrian was able to live his dream and drive a fire truck.
After the rides we walked around the fair to gather up our dinner. I chose a beef and bean burrito. It was very delicious with some fresh ingredients inside including corn and cilantro. I also picked a jumbo donut for my dessert (it may have been the best donut I have had in my life). Gabrian went with a hotdog and a candy apple. We took our dinner and headed to the Grandstands to get our seats for the Derby. You have to get there early to get good seats. We had to wait about an hour but we entertained ourselves with people watching.

I took a few shots of the Demolition Derby.

This is just before the count down while they still looked somewhat like regular cars.
Smashing picture I
Smashing Picture II
The end of the first heat where the tractor took away the cars that couldn't drive off themselves.
We stayed through six heats with the final one being the Women's heat. I think that was my favorite because I felt that they were the most aggressive. I think they were getting out all their aggressions out on that field.
Yesterday was such a wonderful active day. I wear an Active Link from Weight Watchers and it showed that I earned 6 Activity Points yesterday. Food wise I think I did ok for a fair. Gabrian and I shared a Root Beer Float in the afternoon. I told you what I had for dinner. Probably my only regret was getting a second donut to take home. I still have 3 weekly points and so far have 10 activity points earned. These will have to last me through tomorrow and I will reset on Tuesday.
I have a busy day ahead of me if I ever get off my butt. I need to do my chores, plan my menu for the bacon party next Saturday, and I want us to walk around Back Bay today.
Hopefully I will be back tonight to report on today's activities!