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Friday, August 30, 2013

Arabica Coffee House Review - Portland, Maine

I wanted to love Arabica Coffe Company so badly. I wanted to be one of the cool kids that hung out at the coffee shop downtown. I think they smelled the Dunkin Donuts on me from a mile away. You could tell by the combination of their look of disdain and the customers expertly slid their newspapers over to the table next to them to let us know to keep on walking.

Despite our sore thumb status, we proceeded to order anyway. I had a Groupon to use and come hell or high water I was going to use it. I purchased it for $5 and it gave me $10 worth of food and drinks.

Blueberry Muffin ($2 (?)) and Small Milk ($2.10)
Gabrian went with the Blueberry Muffin. He has always been a breakfast person and the fact that he only made it through about half the teeny tiny muffin should tell you something. I tried a crumb of the dried out hockey puck and that was enough for me. The milk was milk, just really expensive for the 6 ounces of liquid we received.
Tall Iced Maple Latte ($4.20)
The Tall Iced Maple Latte was quite delicious. I just couldn't get past the cost of the drink. For the same amount of money I could get two of those drinks at Dunkin Donuts and each would be twice the size. As for taste it was spot on. The espresso was a good strong flavor and the maple syrup added a nice twist to it. I liked how the syrup sweetened the drink for me without any extra sugar.
Apricot Scone ($2.75)
I went with the Apricot Scone and it was one of the better options offered. It was full of buttery goodness. I really enjoyed the large chunks of dried apricot throughout the scone.  Don't tell the Weight Watcher God's that I only counted this as 4 point and not the restaurant option of 

12 points. Also, please don't remind me of this post on Monday when I whine about my weight gain.

Overall, I thought my breakfast was good but not worth the price if I had to pay full price. Gabrian's wasn't even worth what I paid with the discount included. The good news is that they finally clued me into my uncoolness. I will never try that again.

If you would like to try Arabica Coffee Company for yourself, they are located at 16 Commercial Street, Portland, Maine.