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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ants in My Pants

I am two days away being on my summer vacation and I am beyond antsy. Thankfully I have been busy at work so it helps the day go by pretty fast. I don't know why I am so excited because we are just staying home but it sounds so delightful right now.

We are having a staycation and I can't wait. I want to have lots of relaxing days mixed in with exploring the area. I still feel like we are so new to the Portland area and we have so much to explore. I need to make a list of all the things I would like to do next week so I don't miss anything. Good news for you guys because I am sure there are lots of reviews coming in your future.

I have enough Groupons and Living Social deals lined up so that we can eat out just about every night next week. Part of being on vacation I would really prefer not having to make dinner. It will be interesting to see how I balance staying on plan if I eat out that often. I think I will have to study the menus ahead of time and plan what I will eat before I go.

My Mom is visiting for the next couple of days which is always nice. My favorite part was coming home to dinner already made. She made an awesome chili. It made for such a relaxing night for me. On Friday, she and I are headed to the Ogunquit Playhouse to see "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". Not only do I love this musical but it is starring Clay Aiken. I am so excited to see him. He was my favorite on American Idol.

She and I will be trying out a new restaurant called Inicio Bistro and Bar in Ogunquit. Their website says they are a modern bistro and tapas bar. The best part is they are in our budget and they take reservations. We thought it was important to make a reservation because we didn't know how busy they would be on a Friday night and with the musical thrown in we didn't want to take any chances trying to find something that night. I see a new restaurant review in your future.

See you tomorrow!