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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Night in Scarborough, ME

What does one do on a Sunday night in Scarborough, ME? Perhaps you would go on a nice stroll on the beach. Maybe you would go enjoy a nice Seafood Dinner at one of their many choices. You could even go to one of the ice cream shacks to eat yummy treats with your family.

Did Gabrian and I do any of those things tonight? Heck no, we headed to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway for Day of Destruction. For the bargain price of $10 we were awarded entry to car pile-up galore. Where else but in the US would people take cars that are still running and smash them up to obliteration? I don't know and I don't really care because I love to see a good car wreck!

We started off the night with some drag races where people take their every day car and race them. Most of the cars were like 10X better than my car. I couldn't get over that they would risk their cars like that, however I appreciated the show. After the cars they followed up with trucks and SUV's. Those are the most exciting because they have the most roll-over potential.

Then came the good stuff. The parade of junk on wheels was awesome. Each car was better than the next. Our favorite was a toss up between the Barney Car and the Car with 3 wheels. At one point the 3 Wheel car got hit so hard that it actually put the broken wheel back into place, until a few minutes later and the whole back end dropped off.

They had three different competitions. I guess they were races but they basically were an excuse to hit each other as hard as possible. Once again, I was beyond riveted to watch them smash into each other.

The first one involved them racing backwards for about a quarter of the racetrack. It seems like 75% of the cars had no steering at all because most of them ended up in the big black tires that rim the track. There were times that a race heat would be over but somehow on the way back to line up for the next heat they would hit each other.

The next race involved them again going backwards and they had to circle around a cement donut. It had the clever title of "Donut Dash". Some of them never made it to the cement donut and would hit either the black tires or each other. Some cars would get so close to the cement donut that they would hit it and move it to a new location. It seemed that very little would actually disqualify them. The highlight of this race was when one heat was over a car took it on as his personal mission that he was going to flip over a pickup truck. The crowd was on its feet as it rolled over. You would have thought the driver of the pickup had won the Indy 500 with his and the crowds reaction. We were sad at the end of this one because it seemed like the Barney Car had been put out of commission.

The last race was called the Beetle Bash. I am not going to lie...I had no idea of the concept of this race. It seems like they were doing some sort of loop around two tires set along one stretch of the track. It was a free for all with the smashing. I think I gave myself whip lash trying to keep up with all the accidents. It got down to about 5 cars that were still running and trying to get through the obstacles of the broken down cars. All of a sudden the Barney Car was back in the race. Shortly after the called the end of the race and arbitrarily picked a winner. I am still not sure how he was the winner out of all the other ones. We really enjoyed the clean up of this race. They had all sorts of vehicles that came out to help, there was Mater tow-truck, a flat-bed tow-truck, and our personal favorite was the Fork Lift. Hands down best was when the Fork Lift removed the Cargo Van that still had the driver in it.

If this night was not sophisticated enough, we got to finish the night out with the tire burnouts. It is as exciting as it sounds. They take two cars and hook chains to the car or truck and then connect them to the concrete and the cars will then spin out for their tires for 12 seconds. There is nothing better than watching the smoke roll towards you. It was like an Asthma Cloud headed to us. We were excited to see the Monster Truck win the competition. I am sure that $500 will pay for at least half of the cost it he will have to replace the tires he just ruined.

If this night sounds as awesome as we thought it was, you too can still join in the fun. They are going to have one more night this summer on September 6th at 7 PM. We will for sure be at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway that night!