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Friday, July 12, 2013

Rising Tide Restaurant Review - Scarborough, ME

Gabrian and I went solo this Friday. Which was awesome for me because I got the ultimate vote of where we were going. He is too young to voice an opinion. I decided that I had a hankering for seafood. Also, because it was an absolute beautiful day outside I wanted a place that had an outside deck.
I checked out Trip Advisor to help decide where to go. There were tons of places downtown Portland but I knew parking would be a pain the butt. The only place in South Portland that jumped out to me was way beyond my price range for tonight. I wasn't about to spend $30 on a plate of food. I decided to check out Scarborough and hit the jackpot. There were several places that looked awesome (I fully intend on checking them out in the near future) and I finally found one that seemed perfect. I decided to go to The Rising Tide Restaurant which is located at 96 King St in Scarborough.
The drive there was absolutely beautiful. There were about a billion houses along Route 9 that I would love to own. When we finally arrived at our destination I thought our GPS had steered us wrong. I thought we had arrived at a fishing pier. I decided to park and check it out to see if there was a restaurant hidden there.

 We knew we were on the right track when we saw this on the roof of a building.
This Seagull was trying to tell us which way to go. I really need to brush up on my Seagulleuse. Perhaps if I understood him I could have found the restaurant faster.
Finally someone left us a clue on our quest!
We weren't sure if the boat was left for us to use to get to the Restaurant...or maybe to catch our own food for them to prepare.
Yay we found it! Just kidding it wasn't actually that difficult to find it once we started walking in the parking lot.
We walked up on the deck and were directed to go inside to put our name in. We were given about a 20 minute wait time. I would say that was a pretty accurate wait time. Fortunately, it was beautiful outside and there was a lot of action going on in the water. We enjoyed watching the trucks put the boats in and out of the water. Gabrian was really impressed that the trucks kept getting their wheels wet.
We waited out on the deck during our wait time. We were very lucky to get one of the benches to sit on.
Gabrian was not impressed with having to wait. He was hungry and wanted his food now!
We were called in and taken to an awesome table with a great view.
He spent pretty much the whole meal looking out those windows. I don't blame him. It was beautiful outside and lots of fun stuff to watch.
My one big complaint was with the server at the beginning of the meal and at the end of the meal. We had a chance to look at the specials

Than we looked through the menu.
It was huge and it actually had a backside. There were tons of delicious choices.
After all that looking about 10 minutes had gone by and I realized that the Server had not been by our table to even take our drink order. By the time he got there we were ready to order our whole meal. I am not sure if they were short-handed but it seemed like there were plenty of servers working so I am not sure what the deal was. Our drinks came out first.
I am a sucker for a drink served in a mason jar. It just makes whatever you are drinking taste that much better (it was diet Pepsi in case you were wondering). Sodas cost $1.75 with unlimited refills. Gabrian got a chocolate milk which was $2.00 (no refills included).
We got an appetizer. I got the calamari served with tomato sauce for $6.95.
This was so delicious. The squid almost melted in my mouth. The breading on it was just perfect and it was fried to the perfect golden brown. Gabrian and I fought over the last few pieces...I think he may have stabbed with a fork to get the last piece (just kidding....but they were stab worthy).
So you may wonder what a 4-year old would pick when surrounded by all this delicious sea food. I will not keep you in suspense any longer.
Yup...that's a hot dog ($3.25). Where did I go wrong. He lives in Maine surrounded by all sorts of delicious sea creatures and he goes for the hot dog. They are served with a billion and three fries. He at two...he only ate them to have an excuse to eat ketchup. I saw him dip one fry no less than six times. I didn't even know that was physically possible. I did try one of the fries (for research purposes only) and it was a French Fry. It was good but nothing to write home about.
I decided to go with the Haddock Sandwich. I almost got the Fish and Chips but it was about a $5 difference. The Haddock Sandwich was only $7.90 and it came with two sides. I picked the onion rings and coleslaw.
This was a pretty nice spread and a great price.
Within my first bite the entire sandwich fell apart. Other than what I was wearing on my shirt this is what my plate looked like after the first bite.
The mess did not affect the taste. It was AMAZEBALLS!! The fish was incredibly fresh and buttery tasting. I was so sad when I ran out of the fish. The onion rings were great as well and it was a very generous portion. The coleslaw was just ok...but to be fair I was pretty full by the time I got to it and I most likely wasn't giving it a fair chance. I ate all my fish but didn't come even close to finishing the onion rings or coleslaw.
The prices were fantastic here. However, there is a note that states in order to keep the prices so low, the only way to share a plate is to pay a $5.95 charge. Just something to keep in mind if you wanted to share a plate to save money.
The server did a repeat performance at the end of meal and it took him about 10 minutes to notice that were done with our meal and bring our check. I gave up waiting for him to collect the money. I ended up taking the bill up front to pay. I just don't understand because he was fine during the meal and checked on us several times. I am not sure what he was thinking.
We decided to go on a walk after dinner to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery.


Proof that the food is super fresh!

This is where we tried to sneak onto someone's private property. I should have been suspicious that the steps were way too nice to be public property. At least we figured it out before we got yelled at.
Someone should tell that boat that they need to keep off the Rocks!!
My toes are so happy to be on the beach!
This is my new house. Those people need to be advised they are sitting on my porch.
So final thoughts, this was a truly delicious meal and I am so happy we made the drive out there.  I would highly recommend making a trip out there for a wonderful summer meal.