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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Future Endeavors

I have been spending a lot of time lately reading other people's blogs. I have come to a conclusion that there lives are super awesome and mine sucks. Ok...maybe it is not that bad and I really don't hate the life I have. I do feel like there is more out there for me though. I often will read these people's life stories and it is so fantastic to see them succeed at something that they are passionate about.

I want that to be my life story too! I took stock of what I really like to do and does it have any career potential. I came up with the following list:

1. Eating - I don't like cooking and while I like doing Restaurant Reviews, I don't think anyone is going to pay me for it any time soon. However, if a restaurant would like to offer me a free meal in exchange for an honest review I would be happy to take them up on that!

2. Watching Television - I just don't see how my addiction to watching "The Real Housewives" is going to equate to something I can do with my life. Maybe I could lose a bunch of weight and really tone up and catch a really rich husband and get on the show myself (somehow this seems really unlikely).

3. Writing Funny/Snarky Emails - yeah this one is a tough one. Maybe I could get someone that is in a really bad fight with someone to pay me to write a mean snarky email to put the other person in place. On the other hand this type of creative genius cannot be forced. I cannot just pump these letters out. The mood really needs to inspire me. I guess this one is a fail too.

4. Reading Books - I also can read them really fast. Possibly, I could read books and someone would be willing to pay me so that I can tell them all about the book in painstaking detail. Then they could go to dinner parties and really impress their friends with all their knowledge.

5. Planning Budget Travel - I am really good about finding the best deals on travel. I am willing to spend hours looking up every option that is possible for a trip. This is actually the avenue I would love to pursue.

I don't want to be a travel agent. I would like someone to pay me a flat fee where I can look up "X" amount of options for their vacation and let them know where they would go to book the deals. I would like someone to pay me for time to research their trip for them. I could also research the restaurants and activities for them.

I am just putting this out to the Universe right now because I have no idea where to even start. I am thinking my first step would be to research on how to start a website and then find out how I could advertise my services.

I would love for this to be successful because this would allow me to be anywhere and be able to work. I could take this to Chile with me and be able to work from there as well.

I would also like to expand on this in Chile to cater to people traveling to South America. This is my basic idea. I hope in a couple of years from now I can be an established business woman!