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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Daily Work Schedule

 8:00 - Arrive at Work and start getting prepared for work. This includes getting my cup filled with ice and water, putting my name on my lean cuisine with a green sharpie, and getting my iPod set up for the day.
9:00 - Eat my breakfast
9:30 - Start work and I am very productive until....
11:00 – Start counting down the minutes until lunch time. I will also be spending this time alternately trying to convince myself that I will actually enjoy my lunch and coming up with creative ideas of why I must now buy my lunch.
12:00 - lunch time
1:00 – feel satisfied with my lunch from home
1:15 – start worrying how long my lean cuisine will keep me satisfied until my allotted Combo Pizzeria Pretzel Time at 3:30
2:30 – start panicking that I will not make it to 3:30
3:00 – start staring at the clock convinced that it is no longer moving
3:30 – Angels will start singing and a beam of light will highlight the snack table near the elevator
3:32 – Start my countdown until it is time for me to go home. Now that Combo Pizzeria Pretzel Time is over there is really nothing worth living for until tomorrow
4:30 – Get the H-E – Double Hockey Sticks out of the Office
So as you can see my day is pretty full.