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Friday, July 5, 2013

Mekhong Thai Restaurant Review - Portland, Maine

Friday night and time for a new restaurant. It was a bazillion degrees outside today and I was really looking forward to not having to cook and eat in the A/C. I had a Deal Chicken worth $30 and was excited to try it. I convinced Myranda and her son Owen to join us for dinner. We met up at Mekhong Thai Restaurant which is located at 865 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine. The good news is they have a huge parking lot with plenty of spots available. That is not always so easy in Portland.

When we entered the restaurant we were greeted right away and were taken to a table. My first disappointment was the temperature inside. I am not sure if they didn't have A/C or it just wasn't able to keep up with the heat outside. Once we sat down it wasn't as noticeable and there was a large fan nearby. I really enjoyed the decorations they had inside. I was able to snap a few without anyone thinking I was too much of a weirdo.

 Our table was on the upper level. They had a bar downstairs along with several tables. They were never very busy but they may have had takeout orders that I was not aware about. They never had more than 3 tables full while we were there. We were sat at a nice four top. One thing that I loved about our waitress was that she realized right away that the fancy glass water glasses would not work out for the 2 boys. She brought us back 2 plastic water cups that had covers. Those were fantastic because it definitely takes the stress out a bunch if you don't have to constantly watch your 4 year old about to break a water glass.

The boys were confused about where to put the napkin. Um...they belong on your lap you napkin heads.
Almost immediately the waitress about out crispy noodles with a dipping sauce while we were perusing the menu. Again this is awesome with two hungry boys that weren't too interested in waiting for food. I found the noodles to taste stale though. I am not sure if they were made earlier in the day or maybe even left over from yesterday but I only ate one and decided to save my appetite for dinner. The boys thought they were great so they were still a success for us.

We (ok...I made an executive decision without asking anyone else) to order the Vegetable Curry Puffs. These were so delicious although served super hot. We had to wait a good 5-10 minutes before they cooled down enough to eat. These were served with a plum sauce for dipping as well. They reminded me of a miniature curry empanada. For $5.95 for a serving of four it was a little on the high side but I still think it was worth it. I would highly recommend ordering these if you like curry.

For the main course we decided to have the boys share a plate. We found the perfect combination of Owen's love of broccoli and Gabrian's love of chicken. We got them the Broccoli Stir Fry with chicken. This included broccoli, carrots, and scallions ($11.95). It is served with a large portion of rice. It was so huge that they boys ate tons and we still had enough for each boy to have a takeout container for their dinner tomorrow. I didn't try any but it sure smelled delicious.

Myranda went with the Pad Thai (a true sign of a good friend because she puts up with my annoying request to constantly take pictures of her food). She had also seriously considered Salmon Thai which included Salmon cooked in a red curry sauce carrots, red peppers, and kaffir lime leaves. She definitely was very happy with her choice.  Her Pad Thai chicken, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts, and ground peanuts ($8.95). She did request to get it without Shrimp (can you believe this Mainer doesn't like Seafood...I know I am in shock too). She really enjoyed it and again had plenty to bring home for dinner tomorrow night.

I saved the best for last (at least my overinflated opinion). I had considered the Pad Thai (Myranda picked that and I didn't want to copy), one of the soups (way too hot for that), a Thai fried rice (it just didn't feel like enough of a meal). I finally decided on the Masaman Curry with Pork. On the menu it said it included jasmine rice but it looked like regular white rice to me. It also included potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, bamboo shoots, pineapple, onions, peanuts, and basil ($11.95) I loved the opening presentation of this dish.

Once I pulled the cover it was filled with all sorts of curried goodness. It is making me hungry just thinking about it (I must resist the temptation or I won't have a dinner for tomorrow night). The pork just melted in your mouth and the vegetables were cooked just right but not to the point that they were a mushy mess. I just loved everything about this dish and would find it very difficult to pick anything else knowing I was missing out on this awesome curry.

If you are in the Portland area and looking for a good Thai restaurant I would highly recommend giving Mekhong Thai Restaurant a try.

After dinner Gabrian and I stopped at Burger King to get a $.50 ice cream cone. While this has nothing to do with Mekhong Thai Restaurant, I just wanted an excuse to post this cute picture. Just to pass on the news July 4th - 7th, Burger King is offering their Original Chicken Sandwich for $1.04. A perfect meal during this hot weather. A bargain and you don't have to do any cooking!!