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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kushiya Benkay Restaurant Review - Portland, Maine

The boys and I had a wonderful lunch at Kushiya Benkay Restaurant located at 653 Congress St., Portland, ME.  I had a deal from Deal Chicken to use up. I had spent $15 and had a certificate for $30 to use.

Kushiya Benkay is located in downtown Portland so be prepared to search for parking. On Sundays, if you are able to find a street spot, there is free parking downtown. We were really lucky and found a spot only a couple of business down. I am not familiar about the area so I could be completely wrong but I definitely felt the need to make sure I was holding my purse tightly as we walked to the restaurant. Lots of people were just hanging around outside. I am not sure how I would feel at night time.

As we approached the restaurant this is what we saw.

We were greeted as soon as we walked in and promptly brought to a table. We had a chance to look over the menu. The two big features are the Sushi menu and the Yakitori Grill. I knew before I got there I would definitely want some sushi while I knew the boys would be interested in the grill.

The Yakitori Grill selection was huge. There were so many fun things to pick from.

While we were waiting for our food to come out I was able to get some pictures of the décor. Mostly ceiling shots because it seems awkward to take pictures around other customers.

Riley's meal came with miso soup. It looked delicious. He didn't offer me a bite but he told me it was great. I had sad face because I love miso soup and would have loved to have a bite. The waitress also brought out dipping sauces for the grilled meat. It had a miso sauce, a spicy sauce, and green tea powder. We tried both sauces and thought they were very delicious.

We did a very short amount of waiting for the rest of our food to come out. I amused myself by taking pictures of the boys.

Gabrian's food came out next. He ordered three items from the grill. He had Chicken Breast ($2.75), Pork Loin ($2.75), and Yaki Onigiri ($2.75) which is a grilled rice ball. The meat was out of this world good. It was so moist, tender, and flavorful. I was tempted to steal it from him. The rice ball was a ball of rice. I am not sure what I was expecting but it was as described.

Riley ordered the Yakitori Donburi (Lunch $11.00). This was a rice bowl with 2 selections from the grill. It was also served with the miso soup. Riley chose the Chicken Breast and the Duck Breast. He thought this was great. It was a nice size portion and he enjoyed every bite. He liked the chicken a little better than the duck but still enjoyed both.

I went with the sushi. I choose a Spider Roll and an Avocado and Cucumber Roll. I love soft-shell crab and whenever it is on the menu, hands down that is what I will choose. It was as good as I was hoping. I also was a huge fan of the soy sauce container.

If you are in the Portland area and want some delicious Sushi or Grilled Meat, I would strongly recommend going to Kushiya Benkay. You will not be sorry!!