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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Photo Series - Week 2

I made it through week 2 and remembered to take pictures each day. I am really surprised and proud of myself. Here are this week's pictures:

Saturday: I bought new nail polish this week at the Dollar Store. Gabrian has become fascinated with nail polish and begged me to paint his toes. I think I did a pretty good painting job if I do say so myself.
Sunday: This is a picture from Beech Ridge Motor Speedways when we went to Day of Destruction.
Monday: This is my weekly self-portrait after my weigh in from Weight Watchers.
Tuesday: I thought you guys would like a close-up of my bathroom wallpaper. I couldn't think of anything else to take a picture of so you guys got this.
Wednesday: This is my keyboard duster from work. He doesn't do a good job but he is cute so he gets to stay.
Thursday: I was really bored at work on Thursday and I discovered that you could see light at the end of my straw. I do really fascinating stuff at work. You people should feel jealous.
Friday: My work did a Farmer's Market today onsite. Employees could sell their goods at lunch time. I was the only one who showed up today. Everyone else had PTO (lucky bastards). I sold my Mom's homemade dog cookies. It was fun and I was able to make a little money to go towards our big trip next year.
See you next week with more fascinating pictures in the life of Megan!