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Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Photo Series Intro

I am committing myself to a project. I always get excited about something and 3 weeks later it gets old. My hope is with this new project it will keep me going with the blog as well. I have really enjoyed recently reading well established blogs. I think it would be so great to go back five years in my life and see what I was thinking then and what was going on with my life.

Anyway on with the project...I plan on taking a picture every day. I realize that this is nothing new and tons of other blogs have done it already (in fact where do you think I got such a good idea) BUT this is something I really think I will enjoy.

Other people that have taken on the project sometimes have a specific type of picture they will take (self-portraits, flowers, animals, smiles, etc...) but I will not restrict myself to any one thing. I think one topic could be fun in the future but I want to set myself up for success and I am afraid I will lose interest if I only shoot one thing.

I will take a picture every day of whatever catches my fancy at the time. I may have some weeks where I challenge myself to one topic. I plan on posting once a week with my photos of the week. Hopefully, some will have a fun story behind them. I am really hoping to grow with my skills in taking pictures. I would like some day to save up for a DSLR.

I do have one picture to start us off. Today is really hot and humid here in Portland (it was 92 and it felt like 102...I'm not making that up my phone told me so). After dinner tonight we went to Burger King because they are having an awesome deal right now. They have soft serve ice cream cones for only $.50. They are not even dinky...definitely a good size. Also this weekend (July 4th - 7th) they are offering their Chicken Sandwiches for $1.04. A great deal for this hot weekend to stay out of the kitchen.

Anyway...onto my first picture of the series.

See you next week with the first seven pictures!