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Monday, July 1, 2013

Declaring My Love to the Frozen Pizza

Monday is favorite night for dinner. Somewhere along the way, it has become tradition to eat a frozen pizza for dinner. If we are really crazy we might eat two. I am not sure there is anything easier to prepare and affordable that we honestly find delicious. The best part about it, there are many brands out there so lots of variety.

We are eating the Shaw's brand pepperoni thin crust tonight. Monday's always put me in a foul mood and this helps me relax at night time. Maybe someday I will get more ambitious and make an actual meal. I will spend the rest of my evening after putting Gabrian to bed, watching America's Next Top Model marathon that I had DVR'd last week. For some reason these shows never get old. I love seeing the pictures during judging. If I have time tonight, I will watch Food Network's Next Star tonight too.

I have become really obsessed (ok, I realize I just came up with this idea yesterday but honestly it has been in the back of my mind for years) with trying figure out how to make it a reality to live in Chile. I have found the most awesome blog ever. It is called Don't Call Me Gringa and it is amazing. It documents Emily's experiences while moving/living/and marrying a Chilean. I am up to August 2010 and found it really difficult to work today and not keep reading. Her life sounds so interesting and exciting. Now granted, I have married a Chilean as well but not nearly as exciting as her experience and they are a way better looking couple. Plus as far as I know (keeping in mind I am only up to August 2010) they are still together while my marriage was not nearly as successful. I think we have been separated longer than we were actually married. I really need to get around to that divorce. I think if Leo could choose, he would be perfectly happy with us staying married forever and we would just do our own separate thing.

I was able to get ahold of one of Leo's cousins in Santiago and she has agreed to be my pen pal to work on my Spanish skills. I plan on writing to her once a week by email and have her correct my mistakes. She has also suggested watching movies in Spanish and reading as much as possible. I will start utilizing my Netflix to watch movies. As for reading, I have Harry Potter (the first one) in Spanish. I will start there and continue with the series and then move on to something else. I may also consider getting a magazine subscription to help as well. I would like to look into a Spanish Club in the area. I am hoping to find a group that gets together to practice. I also remember watching a House Hunters International where a couple met online through a site that people matched up to practice another language. I am not looking for a significant other but would love to get the help with the language.

I am going to start researching on how to make this move feasible. I think this weekend I will get a notebook where I can start to organize my thoughts. Maybe a really nice binder where I can add things in. There are so many things to plan out. I may make a future post outlining the different subjects I need to research.

Portland has been so rainy lately. I feel like the last 5 - 6 years have produced very depressing months of June. I remember the year that Gabrian was born and it was raining the day I went into the hospital and stayed that way for a month. The poor thing didn't know what sun looked like until he was about 5 weeks old.

We have discovered an awesome beach in South Portland. It is called Willard Beach and it is perfect for us and the best part is it is only 3 miles from our house. It is not a fancy beach but it has life guards, a snack shack, bathrooms, showers (outside), and nice sand. It is actually part of the bay so the waves are gentle which are great for a 4 year old. It also has great sand making abilities.

Here Gabrian is being King of the World
If 4th of July is nice out, I think we plan on spending a big chunk of our day there. Otherwise no big plans on that front. We may go to the local race track at night. They are offering fireworks after the race. On Thursday nights it only costs $4 to get in and Gabrian is free. Riley has no interest whatsoever in the races or fireworks. He is very sensitive to sounds to the point is almost painful to him,  so this would be one of his worst case scenarios.
I hope to post more regularly now. I have been inspired with some recent blogs and hope to increase my writing. It is nice to think that there might be someone out there reading what you have to say. Even if no one reads it, it still is a nice running diary to see what was important in your life at that time.