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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Can't feel my toes in July

It is so cold here. I am not sure if Maine knows it but it is summertime. I shouldn't still be freezing cold. I am seriously considering turning on my electric heater. I am going to start layering my clothes and drinking hot tea and cocoa. Right now Gabrian is trying to borrow under me to get any warmth that he can find.

You would never think it was going to be 4th of July in just two days. I really want to go to the beach on Thursday. Fingers crossed the weather will take a turn for the better and we can get a tan on.

If the weather is decent than I think we will go to Beech Ridge Race Track to see the race and the firework show they will have afterwards. It is a pretty good deal for entertainment for us on the weekends. It only costs $10 for me to get in and Gabrian is free (12 and under are free). They let your bring in your own food and drink which is really awesome of them. It makes it a really affordable outing for us. They do offer a snack bar but I haven't found anything that appealing. The best part about Thursday is that it only costs $4 to get in.

I actually feel like I have a somewhat social life this week. Tomorrow I am going out with a friend for her birthday. Then Thursday we will meet up with other friends to go to the beach together on the 4th. This is making me feel like I may actually have friends.

Ok...I am off to run my hands under hot water to try to get the feeling back.