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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Can I tell you about the greatest new game out there? It is called BoodleUp and you can play it on your computer, smart phone, iPad, and iPod. It is a fun and easy game that you can win actual prizes that you would want.

The game I played on the site was similar to a matching game. I would click on the squares for them to reveal the prizes. I needed to match three prizes in a row either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The prizes range from food items from local restaurants, large discounts off local retailers, gift cards, all the way up to tickets to a Patriots Game. If you win (I would say I was winning 2 out of 10 games) and would like to accept that prize you then have to agree to be locked out of the game for a period of time. This would be anywhere from 1 day up (the largest I saw was for 11 day). You can still play on the site but you can't win any new prizes for this locked out period. So you have to decide if you want the prize or try for something bigger.

I signed up for BoodleUp last night and I am still in the pending period. I can play but I can't win any prizes yet. I am looking forward to being approved to take advantage of those great prizes.

Right now this is only available for the Portland, Maine area but they are looking to expand to other areas. If you are in the Portland area or will be visiting soon I would definitely recommend signing up on BoodleUp's sight and start getting your own prizes!