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Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July ~ 2013

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We didn't do much but we sure had a good time doing it! I don't think I mentioned it before but my heel of my right foot has been really hurting me lately. I had this pain about a year ago and it went away but now it is back full force. I almost think I had fractured it last year and it had healed but I did something that aggravated it again. Anyway, this is not for me to whine but to tell you after all my walking last night after dinner I could barely walk when I got home. I practically crawled up the stairs to go to bed. I rested it this morning and it feels a lot better today.

After a very relaxing morning, I finally motivated myself at 3 to get into the shower so we didn't spend our whole 4th of July watching television. We have discovered a real gem in South Portland. We have the best beach ever at Willard Beach and love to take advantage of it. If you get there either early or late afternoon, than you can park for free in the parking lot on Willow Street. I have been fortunate enough to park in the lot each time, but I think there are streets nearby that you can park on if the lot gets full.

When we arrived it was such a relief because despite my frozen toes post from the day before, it was seriously hot here today with humid on top. My phone was reporting that it was 86 degrees but the real feel temperature was 97. I get seriously jealous of Riley's basement bedroom on days like this because it is so comfortable downstairs during this time of year. Thank goodness for my air conditioner in my bedroom. The beach this afternoon was perfect with the sun and nice breezes. The water was a pretty decent temperature.

Riley decided to start his afternoon by attempting to build a sand castle.

Gabrian and I went on a sea shell, snail, and hermit crab hunt. It was easy because we were looking for the same shell for all creatures. I was pathetically jumpy around the hermit crabs. I don't I would even feel a pinch but I made sure they didn't get any ideas. To distract them if they looked like they even thought about pinching me, I would throw them as far away from me as possible and then scream like a girl if the wave pushed it back to me (my throw is pathetic and it never got that far from me). Here we are on the shell hunt.

Here Gabrian is showing off one of his shells
He just looks so happy in this picture

He loved putting his treasures into the bucket
Gabrian would make me take a picture of every shell he found. I was kind to you and will only show you the two. Don't tell Gabrian or he will make me put the rest in.
This is my favorite picture of the day. I love a great back shot and I was so fortunate to get a picture with no one else in it.
After spending time on our great hunt. We headed back to the snack shack. It was closed (thankfully because I love any excuse to part with my money plus if it could be food that is bad for me it makes it even better) but we did take advantage of their nice deck and picnic table to have a soda before we rinsed off and headed back home.
Riley looks so chilled out here. I wish I could be this cool.
I debated posting (or even taking) this picture because to put it bluntly, I hate the way I look and if I don't see photographic proof or look in a mirror too long than I can convince myself that I am actually not too bad. I am considering myself I work in process and figure I have to own up to how I look. Plus if I don't take pictures now, I will never have the before picture to compare to my fantastic  after picture.
We headed to the showers on the other side of the deck after to rinse off. Gabrian was so sandy (mostly because he met a couple of boys just before we left and they decided to make sand angels...super awesome. Especially for someone like me that can't stand that type of mess). I made him strip down and rinsed him off the best I could.  I than wrapped him in a towel until we could get back to the car. He immediately took a bath when we got home. I still have a ring of sand in the bathtub. I am going to ignore that for now.
Before I finish with the beach, I will leave you with just a couple of pictures that I don't want to leave out. One of these days I will bring my point and shoot camera and you guys will get something better than my phone's camera. My big dream is to get a really fancy DSLR camera but that is a far away dream for now.
A nice walking park right next to the beach.
Wouldn't you love a house here!
I avoid this stuff at all costs while swimming in the ocean. I really hate if it touches me while I am swimming.
Once we were nice and clean AND sand free again we immediately got into our pajamas. Ok...only Gabrian and I did. Riley is not nearly is lame as we are. Gabrian requested to wear his Abuela's shirt for pajamas tonight. She is from Pucon, Chile and she mailed him a shirt for his birthday. Here he is in all his cuteness (I just have to move to Chile for a few years so he can have lots of time with her while he is growing up).

A close up of the picture. He just loves this shirt. Mostly because it was excited to get something in the mail from Chile and from his Abuela.
The boys and I had all American Burgers (and funyons...what's more American than that I ask you) for our Holiday dinner. After Gabrian went to bed I finished my meal with this:
Pure Deliciousness!
I am enjoying the remaining time of my night on the internet with the All American Bake Off on the television. I will enjoy listening to people setting off Fireworks tonight. There is nothing that says 4th of July like fireworks all night long.
Hope everyone else had as great of day as I did!!