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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Portland, Maine

We are slowly starting to adjust to moving to Southern Maine. I still can't get over how short my commute is. I feel like the Portland Area is the perfect place for us. It gives us tons of stuff to do in the area but we live in a very safe suburb.

Gabrian and I have joined the Portland's Children Museum and Theatre. For only $65, we can go as much as we want for an entire year. So lots of fun for us and they give us 10% off his Birthday party in June. In fact last Sunday we booked his Birthday party to make sure we got the time slot we wanted.  He really enjoyed the Play Stage where he could dress up in costumes and the life size fire truck that he could climb and drive. The best was when he could combine his two loves.

We have discovered the best donuts in the world. We recently discovered Frosty's Donuts and they are amazing!! If you are ever in the Portland area, you must make this a must do. They charge $1.25/donut or you can get a half dozen for $6. Some of the donuts are big enough for a breakfast but they are so good it will be hard to not have a second. The other thing I love about this place is they have a great play kitchen for the kids to play in. Gabrian had a blast playing there.
This summer, I think we will plan a Staycation to really get to know the area. I feel so lucky to be here and still can't believe that I have my dream job and my dream commute.