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Thursday, January 17, 2013

iPhone Withdrawal

In order for me to make the budget balance I have recently realized that I needed to give up the expensive cell phone bill. I don't know at what point my bill crept up to $190 for 3 phones. I was the only one with a smart phone so who knows what I was spending it on.

I have researched several prepaid options. My Mom has decided to go back to her Tracfone, she barely uses it so it really is a pretty good fit for her. For Riley, he uses it rarely and now that he has his iPod, he really just uses it for talking to his Dad and sending a few text messages. I finally decided on Net 10 with their $25, 750 minute plan. This 750 would be either minutes, text, or internet. We are going to try this plan out for him. I think we might be able to downgrade to the 200 minute plan for $15.

Mine I struggled with the most. I finally went with Boost Mobile after much debate. Their plan is $55/month. In each 6 month increment if you make on time payments, your bill will shrink $5 up to a total of $15. After 18 months my bill will shrink down to $40. This gives me unlimited minutes, text, and web.

I debated forever on what phone to get. I went with a LG Venice.

I am trying so hard to make myself like it. It has a great 4.3" screen. It looks very nice. So far it has responded very fast and the internet has been really great. I am not liking how light the phone is. It just feels cheap. I feel like in a couple of years it is going to look like crap. My biggest issue is I just miss my iPhone. I think it is more of a status thing. I felt like I was doing ok if I had an iPhone like everyone else. I need to get over myself and realize that I am on a budget. The good news is that Boost Mobile does carry the iPhone for a super expensive price. So if I every want to save up for one again it is a possibility.

Oh well, when I am on budget and have money in the bank I will start feeling much better about myself. I need to be a grown up and do the responsible thing.