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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Haggarty's Review - Portland, ME

Haggarty's is a popular Indi Cuisine and Middle Eastern Cuisine take-out restaurant. Gabrian and I went there last night for our dinner. It was a great experience from the moment we walked in. I had a Groupon that I bought for $10 and was able to get $20 worth of food and drinks.

When we walked in the door there were very delicious smells around us. They had a menu on the wall and then there were take-out menus to look at that listed the prices. They have two tables in their small store-front. We were lucky that one of the tables was available.

While I was perusing the menu, one of the workers saw Gabrian playing and came out and talked to him and gave him lots of attention. From that moment on, everyone knew his name and made a point of talking to him. We placed our order and than sat at the table to wait for our food. The whole time we were there, the phone was ringing and people were coming in to pick up their orders. Based on how popular they were I was super excited for the food to come out.

Gabrian and I split a couple of dishes so we could sample what they offered. We stuck to the Middle Eastern Food but looking at the menu, the Indian Choices sounded delicious as well.

The first dish we had was the Mixed Platter for $7.99. Which had slices of chicken, vegetable pakora, mushroom pakora, fries, sauce, onion, salad Iraqi koba. The chicken was dipped in batter and cooked perfectly. The seasoning made every last bite of it delicious. The vegetable and mushroom pakora were batter covered with Curry Seasoning. The Iraqi Koba was my favorite. It was a rice ball that had ground beef and raisins inside and it tasted like there was cinnamon in it. It was awesome and I could have eaten many.

Our second dish was the Iraqi Beef Kabob for $9.99. It was served with grilled tomatoes, onions, and fresh cilantro with bread. The beef was very similar to what I would expect in a Gyro. It was nicely seasoned. For the price, I wish it had come with rice. It would have rounded out the plate.

When they brought out our dishes. They also brought a whole bowl of salad (chopped lettuce and tomatoes and what I think was pickled beet) and they brought hummus. It was probably the best hummus I have ever had in my life. I will definitely be ordering that in the near future.

This restaurant was wonderful and it will definitely be a restaurant we will visit again in the near future. We ordered the Mixed Platter, Iraqi Beef Kabob, 2 Sodas, and 2 Baklavas (we took these home). For all that food it only came to $24.58 (after the Groupon it was only $4.58). If you are in the area, I would recommend putting this on your list of restaurants to try.

They are located at 849 Forest Ave., Portland, ME. They can be contacted at 207-761-8222. They also have a website, which has their menu listed. They also offer delivery. So make sure you give them a try next time you are in Portland!!