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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eating my way around Portland

In the mail yesterday I received my copy of Portland Dine Around Club. I am beyond excited about starting to use this. It gives lots of great discounts to the different restaurants in the Portland area. I have also order an Entertainment Book for Southern New Hampshire/Southern Maine area. I bought this one for $20.13 with free shipping. Right now I think they are offering 35% off with free shipping. In the past in other areas the book quickly pays for itself. I am still waiting for it to arrive but looking forward to seeing the different deals.

The boys and I eat out on Friday nights (with my new budget I am trying to limit it to just Friday night). Our budget is $30/week for the 3 of us. So for pizza or take-out Chinese that budget is more than enough. However, for any type of sit down restaurant it leaves us a little lacking. With these books it opens up a lot of places that were out of our price range.

As a recent resident of Southern Maine, I am overwhelmed with the many restaurant choices around here. I read somewhere that Portland, Maine has more restaurants per square foot than any other city. How awesome is that! With these books it will give me some direction, because for now I will limit myself to places that I have a coupon for or a Groupon, Living Social, or Deal Chicken voucher.

My plan is to start reviewing each place we visit. I think it will be a great way for me to remember our dining experiences. I am also hoping to help anyone that is planning to visit the area or is a new resident like myself.

I can't wait for tomorrow to start the reviews!!