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Friday, January 11, 2013

Cash Diet

I started a cash diet this last Friday. I am not allowed to use my debit card for purchases (unless it was something online but I have to immediately deposit the money into the checking account). I survived the week and even managed to have $15 left at the end of the week.

Yesterday was probably the hardest for me. I probably should just leave my debit cards at home but I always worry that an emergency could come up (though I don't have very much in my bank account so unless it was a $20 emergency, it's not going to help me that much).

I went to Weight Watchers last night to rejoin. I was so sad to see that number on the scale. Hopefully I can manage my cash diet and my weight diet/change of life at the same time. I was successful once at Weight Watchers, so hopefully I can see it again.

After the meeting, I saw a really great recipe book that had a recipe for Peanut Soup. I had talked myself into it. What saved me from the impulse purchase was that I than talked myself into a second cookbook and was now up to $24. I was able to see the error of my ways.

Next I went to Target and had convinced myself to get food to start myself off for Friday. I had filled the cart up with about $20 worth of food until I realized that I was going grocery shopping on Saturday and this was silly for 1 day of eating. I am sure I can find something in the house that is point friendly.

Finally, all day long I had promised myself that on the way home from Weight Watchers I could go to McDonalds. I was almost there until I had an epiphany and realized I had plenty of junk food at home. Would I rather spend that $5 on junk food or go on a fantastic vacation next year.

Overall, I was very pleased with myself. I can see it is going to be a very long road ahead of me. It is really hard to not want to keep buying stuff for myself. I would love to hear from people how they keep themselves on a cash budget.