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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Buffalo Wild Wings Review - South Portland, ME

Dining Review

Buffalo Wild Wings


85 Western Ave., South Portland, ME 04106

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings in South Portland this past Friday. We were warmly greeted at the door as they held it open for us to enter. They quickly sat us at a table in sport central. There are large screen TV's taking up space on every inch of their walls. They were tuned to the highest volume and they were competing with very loud music. This is clearly not a place for conversation. By the end of the meal we were eating in silence because it didn't seem worth yelling and repeating everything we were saying.

I choose this restaurant because I had a coupon for a free order of 6 Buffalo Wings. They had a large selection of sauces to have your wings. They ranged from the normal buffalo wing to Asian spice to salt and vinegar. You could definitely have fun sampling the different sauces. We went with the standard buffalo wing medium ($5.89). I was very disappointed to find out that they charge $.60 for ranch or blue cheese dressing. What type of place that specializes in wings would charge for the dressing? It is a sign that of a place that nickels and dimes you. The wings were edible but that is about the only good thing I can say about them. I am not sure where they managed to find such small wings but they were pathetic in size. Supposedly there was sauce on the wings but I was unable to find any. Overall they were a disappointment.

We ordered two sodas ($2.50 each) and a lemonade (included with the kids meal) for Gabrian. They do have a full service bar and bar seating if you wanted to go see a game. The menu was fairly large with a large selection of sandwiches and burgers. The average price point was $8.99 for most entrees.

Riley order the Build your own burger ($7.99 base) with bacon ($.50) on it. They included fries with it. I had the Nacho Burger ($8.99) which included pepper jack cheese, tortilla chips, jalapenos, southwest ranch dressing, and Pico de Gallo on it. It was a double patty burger but they were on the small side so it looked like a regular size burger. I thought the burger was tasty but definitely not worth a trip back. The fries were fine but again nothing special.

Gabrian ordered the kids hot dog meal with a fruit cup ($4.99) which included his drink. The hot dog was a step above the size of a cocktail wiener. I could not believe how small it was. Riley and I had to share our food with Gabrian because his portion was so small. His fruit cup was mandarin oranges. Just another example of how cheap they are.

We will definitely not have a repeat visit here. After all the wonderful restaurants we have tried recently, it was a disappointment to have such a subpar meal.

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