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Monday, January 7, 2013

Budget, Budget, Budget

Well the new year is here and back to the resolution drawing board. I am using some tried and failed past resolutions this year to see if I can do better this time. Resolutions this year are:

  • Lose weight. I go back and forth about this and how to handle it. I know the only way I am successful is to follow Weight Watchers. In the past, whenever I try to do it on my own, it never works out. I try to trick myself into believing that I have portion control and that I didn't eat that extra meal before dinner. It is like the pre-dinner dinner. I lost all that weight before Gabrian and now have gained about 150 lbs since his birth. He is going to be 4 in June, so baby weight is just not an excuse. My resolution is to go back Thursday night and start fresh.

  • Get Gabrian potty trained. The last time I tried it, the training was a huge failure. I think part of it was that I was so tired from commuting from RI to Boston every day,  that I was just too exhausted. Now that we have relocated to Portland and I have my new awesome job at Unum, I have the time to work on getting him on a schedule. His new daycare is wonderful and they are working with him at the same time. I think this time it will really work.

  • Get myself on a real budget. This weekend was my first attempt to be on the cash budget. It is really hard to not keep frittering my money away. Every year I say that I want to have something in savings and it never happens. Every year it is the same struggle to buy Christmas presents. I find myself wondering when I will become a responsible adult. How scary is it that I am almost 33 and still find myself to getting to under $10 in my bank account. It is hard for me to have money in the account and not spend it. I think I have pity parties for myself and keep comparing myself to people that are my age that are much more successful than I am. In order to make myself feel better, I like to go shopping or go out to dinner to make myself feel like I am like everyone else. This year I have written myself out a budget and I am determined to stick to it. My flexible money will be my grocery money. I have a budget of a $100 week and anything not spent can be used to save or for spending money for the week. The real trick is to not spend it all so I can actually put it away.

Next March (2014), my Mom and I want to take the boys to Chile for 2 weeks. So not only do I want money in my checking account at the end of the year but I want to save for a major trip. I think it can be really fun with such a major goal in my sights. I will keep you updated on how the budget is going!