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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Plans

We have a big trip planned in October. We are going down to Florida for a week for Disney and Beach fun. I have been having a great time researching and plannning this trip. I will be posting shortly with some of our great plans.

However, I have reached my breaking point with the heat and decided to take a week of this summer. I just put in for the week of July 30th - August 3rd. Because my budget is the dictator this will be a Staycation. I am really started to get excited about the plans we are making.

We were originally going to go to Water Country as the big ending to the Vacation Week but boy have their prices gotten high. They want $37.99 for each adult (Riley being 14 would be considered an adult) and Gabrian would be a reduced price. I started checking around and have seen signs for Canobie Lake Park. This place looks awesome. It has rides and a water park. Riley and I will only be $32 each (and I am pretty sure I have seen coupons out there) and Gabrian will be free. I have debated about trying to find a room up there for after the park or drive home afterwards. A room would be really relaxing but I hate to spend the money. I haven't been able to find any super cheap rooms. I may try bidding on Priceline to see if I can get a deal. The worst that will happen is that they reject my bid.

I am trying to not get carried away with my planning and overextend us. I have a tendency to do that. I get super excited about all the things we can be doing and never give us any downtime. Which completely defeats the point of the vacation. I am going to try and find a balance.

I know on Monday I want to do something with Riley. This is the day that Gabrian goes to see his Dad so it would give Riley a chance to do stuff with just me. I am debating about what we should do. One thought is to go the beach. It would be so fun for me to be at the beach and not watching a 3 year old. We could finish the day with a nice seafood dinner. The only thing about this is that Gabrian loves the beach so that means we would have to go back another day that week and I am not sure how excited Riley would be to go twice that week. Or we could go to the movies and see something that we like. I would love to go to the Casino but am guessing that Riley would not be that thrilled. We also could do a day in Boston but I am afraid that will get too expensive. I am definitely leaning towards a Beach day.

One day I want to take Gabrian to the Providence Children's Museum. It only costs $8.50 a person and they have free parking. Gabrian will have a ball there. I love how he is getting old enough to really start getting into things. I will have to research if there is anything else to do in Providence that is affordable while we are there.

I think one evening we will go miniature golfing and ice cream. I think Gabrian is finally able to handle it. I really stink at it so he can't be much worse than me. I was thinking about Mulligan's Island but OMG they are expensive. Riley and I would be $10 each and Gabrian would be $8.  I found Adventure Land in RI. This is a futher drive for me but the price is slightly better at $7 for Riley and myself and $6 for Gabrian. They also have quite a few other activities that the boys would enjoy. I think I am leaning towards Adventure Land. We could have a nice relaxing day at the house and then head out in the evening. We could even plan on having dinner down by the water.

I am really looking forward to this week off. I will continue to plan and post once my plans are finalized.