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Sunday, July 15, 2012


My name is Megan and my passion in life is traveling. I have been struggling lately with trying to find a hobby. I have come to the realization in life that researching and creating vacations is what I enjoy to do. I have now officially bored my entire family with my trip talk and find myself turning to the internet to share with people that enjoy it as much as myself.

Since at this point in my life, money is virtually non-existent I have to be very budget oriented when planning my vacations. Which is A-OK with me because I love the hunt of a bargain and all the little details that go into planning a trip. I find it is my mission in life to find the best deal out there when it is in regards to travel.

My goal with this site is to put together itiniaries of vacation (of wherever catches my fancy at the moment or if there is a request from anyone) and also share my current vacation plans with you. In addition post trip reports of the places I have been to. I also will share budget saving tips of the trips that I put together.

This is me on our way to our Cruise on NCL last November. I was in the shuttle on our way to the ship. We found a great deal at Hampton Inn and Suites in Tampa. We arrived the night before and were able to leave the car at the hotel the entire week while on the cruise. They provided a shuttle to drop us off and pick us up when we came back. This was fantastic because we avoided having to pay for parking while we were gone.

Here are my boys in Honduras at one of our Port of Calls on the Cruise. The older one is Riley and the younger one is Gabrian. We have never booked one of the excursions offered through the Cruise ships. They are very expensive and with research you can find local companies offering the same or better excursions at a fraction of the price. If you do the research then you will find a reputable company that you know is safe to use. We often prefer to do no excursion and see as much of the local enviroment as possible (sometimes it can be difficult near a cruise port since it is tourist driven.

At this port we chose to just walk when we got off the ship. Initially you had to get through the people trying to sell items to the passengers but not too far off we were able to walk through and get to the town and see the locals going about their day to day life. It was so interesting just to see everything. We found an awesome restaurant that was right on the water and the prices were fantastic. It was a fantastic day.

Up Next....I will share some plans about our upcoming Disney Trip.