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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cruising Around America

One of my fantasies in life is to retire and travel around the US in my RV. I just love the idea that your house travels with you and you get to see all sorts of amazing places. I thought I should get some practice in before I get rid of all my wordly pocessions and become a nomad.

I think the best course of action is to take a vacation in a RV. Since I am no way prepared to purchase and maintain one at this point it leaves me with only one option...Renting!

I checked out Cruise America and found their hot deals section. They are offering a promotion that is a win win for both you and  them. They are offering a fantastic deal for a one-way rental. You get an amazing discounted price and they get to move the RV's to where they need them. The one that really picqued my interest was the one way rental from Phoenix, AZ to Virginia. They are offering a 9 day rental of their large unit for $12/day and 3000 free miles. That is such an amazing deal.

I priced out a one way ticket from Boston to Phoenix on Expedia and it was only $170 a person. Not too shabby. I think once you get back to Virginia it would be fun to take the train back. The return location is in the DC area so it would be a really fun way to end your trip. A train ticket from Amtrak would be $70 a person.

According to Mapquest it is aproximately 2,350 miles from Phoenix to Manassas, VA. If you figure you will get 10 miles per gallon and it is $4/gallon it would cost you $940 for gas. This is assuming you were driving straight through which would defeat the fun of doing the roadtrip. I would probably budget $1200 for gas so you can do side trips.

Camping accomodations is completely up to personal preference. I spent several summers working at the Mount Rushmore KOA and I am completely biased. I think KOA's are fantastic and have so much to offer. If you purchase their KOA card then you will get 10% off at all your stays with them. The card quickly pays for itself if you have a big trip planned. There is such a variation from upscale campgrounds to staying at the Walmart parking lot. You just need to find what is in your price range and what you are comfortable with.

I think with a little research this could be an amazing trip!