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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hot Dog Ramirez Review ~ Mexico City (Roma Norte), Mexico

One of my favorite things about our time in Mexico City was exploring the neighborhood we were staying in (La Condesa) and the other neighborhoods. When we travel, we like to eat out for lunch but we love to bring something home for dinner so we can relax. One night we needed something for Riley to eat for dinner so we set out to find something to take out for him. We stumbled up Hot Dog Ramirez and it was love at first sight.
This was such a great place. I got to spend some time with just Riley, we had someone come into the restaurant and sell us homemade candy, I enjoyed an icy cold beer, and when I went back a second time on our trip, they remembered me and it felt like I found a place to call my own.
Riley placed our order and since he was old enough in Mexico to drink we decided to get him a beer (he is a lightweight and after a couple of sips, it became my was a win win for me). It was such a wonderfully relaxing night. When I think about Mexico City, this is one of my favorite memories.
Riley thought these were fantastic! There are other amazing choices that he wanted to try so we look forward to another trip to Mexico City to work our way through the menu.

Overall, we loved our new favorite hang out at Hot Dog Ramirez. They have a great staff, a wonderful menu, and cold beer! If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at Av Chapultepec 530, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Corner Bakery Review ~ Denver, CO

Gabrian and I have recently returned home from a trip to Colorado to see my niece Chelsea get married. We flew in a few days early and spent some time exploring Denver. Our first afternoon there, we were starving and desperate to find something for lunch. After checking in we hit up the 16th Street Mall where we found our spot, the Corner Bakery.
It reminded me of a Panera Bread. They had soup, sandwiches, and salads available. Along with expensive pastries in a case right next to the register. The Corner Bakery also offered some macaroni and cheese options which made it a little more exciting.
Once you place your order at the register, they give you a card with a number. You find the table you want to sit at and put the number in the stand. Once your order was ready, they brought it to the table for you. They also cleaned up after you, so we didn't have to bring our mess to the garbage when we were done. This definitely elevated it in my mind from Panera.
They wouldn't let Gabrian get tuna in one of the kids meals which was a real bummer (seriously, how big of a deal would it have been to let him have tuna instead of ham). So instead, we both ended up ordering the same meal. We got the half of tuna sandwich and a bowl of their macaroni and cheese. We loved this meal. The pasta was so full of creamy cheese goodness (I was disappointed that Gabrian finished his off because I was hoping to scoop up his leftovers). The tuna was another winner. The tuna had the right amount of mayo and the bread was amazing.

Overall, the Corner Bakery was a perfect first lunch for us. It was fast, delicious, and we were able to stay my budget for this meal. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 500 16th Street, Denver, Colorado

Monday, May 22, 2017

Restaurante Zazá Review - Mexico City, Mexico

Our family has a strong connection to Chile (obviously since Gabrian is half Chilean!). We were so excited to stumble upon Restaurante Zazá in Condesa, Mexico City. We didn't realize the Chilean connection until we had a chance to study the menu. Even then we had to ask the waitress, if the food was Chilean and she let us know the owner was from Chile. So if you love Chile as much as we do, you will want to check out this restaurant.
It was a gorgeous Tuesday afternoon and we had just finished shopping at the Condesa Tianguis (local farmers market) and we were ready for lunch. We decided to sit on the outside to enjoy the sunshine. Watching the shoppers walk by with their produce for the week and the food vendors working a bustling crowd, gave us endless entertainment while we waited for the food.
The restaurant offered wide open window, that gave us a view of the inside of the dining room. The room was airy and bright and would have been another great option to enjoy our meal.
The boys started with soda and my Mom and I enjoyed some cerveza. So delicious on a warm day of walking around the city.
I started off my meal with an Empanada with shrimp and cheese. It has been forever since I had a shrimp and cheese empanada and this one did not disappoint. It was filled with cheesy goodness and plump shrimp.
Riley also decided to try an empanada. He went with the ham and cheese option. He was just as pleased as I was. When I did my study abroad during college, I went to Chile and Riley came with me (he was about 7 at the time). We had our fair share of empanadas and miss them in our life!
My mom went with the Choripan (a spicy sausage) plate. It had a salad of tomatoes and lettuce. She enjoyed the sausage but probably could have used some French Fries.
Gabrian chose the hotdog. He was very impressed the hotdog stand.
Riley and I each picked the bacon cheeseburger. We were stuffed after this meal. After the empanadas, we easily could have shared one of these burgers. I apparently was very impressed with the bowl of mayo but I am not sure why. It appears I thought it was picture worthy.

Overall, we loved our meal at Restaurante Zazá and if I could transport myself back to Mexico City right now, I would so do it right now to have some beer and cervezas at one of their outside tables. If you would like to try them for yourselves, they are located at Pachuca 1, Mexico City 06700, Mexico.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Court - A St Giles Hotel Review ~ New York, NY

Gabrian and had to go to NYC last week to get his Chilean Passport. Since we had the expense of getting to the city, I decided to turn it into a couple night getaway (which actually turned into four nights). We booked a great deal with Hotwire for our stay. Hotwire, gives you fantastic prices. They tell you the star rating, the amenities offered, and a general idea of the location of the hotel. Once you have paid for the stay, they reveal the name of the hotel. We were lucky enough to get The Court - A St Giles Hotel.

The staff was incredible from the moment we walked into the hotel until we left. They were welcomed us every time we went into or out of the hotel. They were happy to help with suggestions. And the most important to me was that they were so kind to Gabrian and made it feel like it was his home in NYC (I honestly think he was ready to move in by the end of our trip).
We were given room 708 and for me it was the ideal location. I liked being on the 7th floor. It was high enough that we felt like we had privacy but not so high that we couldn't spy on the street below us. Our other favorite part was that we were right next to the elevator. It was so nice when we were loaded down with bags to step off the elevator and have our room be right there.

The room was huge. I have never stayed in a room in NYC with a room this big. I honestly think Gabrian could have done summersaults across the room without bumping into anything. The closest was so big, you could fit a large child in there to sleep. It had a full size dresser inside of it!

The room included a mini fridge but did not have a microwave (I am not sure if they had one available if you asked for it). One of the few annoyances we had was the fridge was filled with a mini bar of super expensive items. We had to pull all of their stuff out of it so that we could put our stuff in it. Not a huge deal but thought I should mention it.

The bathroom was also huge. Gabrian really enjoyed their bathtub (we stopped at Lush and picked up a couple of bath bombs to really make bath time fun). I appreciated the large window sill in the bathroom because it gave me a place to place our toiletries and clothes when we were bathing. I wish the window would open a little in the bathroom to let the steam out.

We also made great use of the table/desk workspace provided. We used it for dining and storage while we stayed. It was incredible how big that space really was. If you were here on business, you could easily do some work in your room.

My favorite part of the room was the chair by the window. I spent countless hours in that chair. I just loved watching the city go by while relaxing in the room. I liked to pretend we lived there and that was my neighborhood.

We couldn't have picked a better location if we had tried. We ended up being only a 3 minute walk from the Chilean Consulate. We were also very centrally located. We could walk to most of the highlights that we wanted to visit (including Grand Central, Times Square, Macy's, and Broadway). It wasn't quite as touristy as Times Square but gave us the benefit of having everything near us.

We were only supposed to be there for two nights but a snowstorm happened back at home while we were there. We had to reschedule our flight and ended up with two extra nights in the City. We called the in-house reservation and she gave us an incredible rate for a Friday and Saturday night ($127/night).

I think the only negative I could say is that the hotel is looking slightly worn. Not anything that is a big deal but I need to be honest. The room was impeccably clean and the bed was one of the most comfortable I have slept in (and don't even get me started on those wonderful pillows). Just little things here and there that looked worn.

Overall, we are completely in love with The Court (and hope to move into it some day). We can't get back to stay there again. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at 130 E 39th Street, New York, NY.

El Portón Review ~ Mexico City ~ Condesa

When you ask Gabrian what one of his favorite things about Mexico City, he is quick to let you know El Portón is one of his favorites. It was within walking distance of our Airbnb, so perfect for our first night when we were exhausted.

The staff seemed to be a bunch of friendly guys. We ended up going back several times to pick up desserts to go by the end of the week and it felt like we were friends at the end. They were always quick to be helpful and had a smile on their face.
They brought out tortilla chips with salsa and refried beans. Clearly we were starving because I forgot to take a picture until most of the chips were gone. They were tasty and we really enjoyed the beans.
The restaurant definitely had the feel of a chain restaurant. Normally when we are traveling, we have a strict no chain restaurant rule when eating out. However, since we had never heard of the restaurant we felt like it was ok to break that rule. Considering it was Gabrian's favorite place to eat, I am glad that we did.
Riley ordered the Enchiladas Verdes. He loved this dish. We saw him looking longingly at his plate when it was finished.  He would order this again in a heartbeat!

My mom and I picked the same dish. We picked the Comal al Pastor. Not pictured was a basket full or tortillas to make our own tacos with this dish. My favorite was the little fried tortilla filled with cheese. This plate was so good. It was the perfect late night dinner. Greasy and cheesy all together.
Gabrian picked the Tacos al Pastor. We ordered him two and I think he probably could have polished off one more taco. I shared the rest of my dinner with him to fill him up. He would get this again but just three of them next time.

Overall, we really liked our meal at El Portón. The next time we are in Mexico City, we would give them another try. If you would like to try them out for yourself, they are located at Gobernador Ignacio Esteva #10, Miguel Hidalgo, San Miguel Chapultepec I Secc, 11850 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico.